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Baby photography sounds like any easy task. Most people probably imagine a cherub-like baby, harp music, and soft giggles in a bright airy room where a baby photographer swooshes her camera around like a wand, casts a magic spell over the child, and captures perfect images with just a few pushes of a button. At least that’s how we like to make it look in our Portfolio of Children. It would be great if it was that easy.

Big Sister Loves Us

baby photography fayetteville nc

I love baby photography. I do! Especially when my subject is one of our Beautiful Baby Plan (BBP) babies. The six to eight month old session, or Sitting Baby in our BBP, can often be a lot of work. Every baby has a different personality. While I don’t want to give away all of my secrets, I can tell you that we put forth extra effort to ensure baby’s safety, and set our baby up for success with our scheduling and relaxed time constraints. After baby has had time to adjust to the studio, and I’m able to get a feel for baby’s personality and their level of acceptance of new people such as myself, we get to work.  Work includes being entertaining. I have learned a few valuable lessons over the years. Including how to recognize when my baby is over stimulated, when they are sound sensitive, and when they need a break. With twins, I multiply everything times two. More work. More fun. More babies to admire.

Baby Photography on an Old Antique Sofa

baby photography sitting on an antique sofa


I Caught A Foot!

baby photography wilmington nc

We see lots of little babies from all over southeastern North Carolina, from home grown places like Fayetteville, Lumberton, Hope Mills, Whiteville, Wimington and all the places in between. Many of them are members of our Beautiful Baby Plan like these adorable twins. Bring your sweet baby to Vanessa G. Photography when you are looking for something customized and unique. We’ll set aside and hour and a half just for your baby.

You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!?

baby photography twins in fayetteville and wilmington nc



There’s a contest going on over on our Facebook Page this week! Read more about our Holiday Mini Sessions scheduled for October 6th and 25th on the previous Blog Post. The Rules are simple. Our Contest awards a FREE Holiday Mini Session. Contest ends Monday, September 17th. We used one of these adorable twins for our little ad.

holiday mini sessions 2012 at vanessa g. photography

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