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Why you should use a Professional Photographer to create your Canvases & Wall Art | Baby Photographer Wilmington, NC

If your main goal in hiring someone else to take pictures of your family is to walk away with a disk of printable images, then you might be missing out on the potential of the event. You’ll be doing all the work in the end to create products or albums. Sure it seems easy. Until you are trying to decide on a font for your Christmas Card and the next thing you know you’ve spent 2 hours playing on the computer with no real decisions made. I really don’t want my client to go home and try to figure out an editing program to create the perfect Wall Portrait. That’s my job!

Hopefully you’ll have at least one really good image of your family from your portrait session. If any of your kids are under age 7, then you can expect a challenge in getting everyone to cooperate at the exact same moment. Kids are kids! They have a short attention spans and they get nervous and sometimes are tired or cranky and just don’t want to do what we adults tell them to do. You must be patient with children and then you must be quick to capture the moment before it passes.

A family portrait takes work! I have to do a lot more than just hold a very heavy camera, focus, color calibrate, choose the proper exposure for a multi person family, pose these little people in a way that they will enjoy and press a button. I must be an entertainer for just a short time. Some kids laugh at some things that the next kids thinks are just crazy and not funny at all. I have to find what works for each group. And I want those heads as close together as those little bodies will allow. After some work and coaxing, we ended up with this wonderful family image from a recent Beautiful Baby Planner session. That means that the youngest, seen here, is on our Beautiful Baby Plan, and for his sitting session mom wanted a family portrait. Perfect timing! Three kids under age 7 are smiling, everyone is in focus, and well lit, mom looks gorgeous and dad looks like he’s happy to be here. I call that a success!!

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Mom chose a 20×30″ Fine Art Canvas as the final product for this fabulous family portrait with her young children. This is how that 20×30″ Canvas will look on the wall at home in proportion to average sized furniture. It is a good choice. This is the smallest of the wall sizes that I would recommend for a Canvas featuring multiple subjects. Please notice the girl’s bow in her hair on the far right.

baby portraits wilmington nc

If mom had taken this digital image home and uploaded it for a canvas to be printed from her favorite cheap consumer lab, then this is what she would find as a result (see next image below). Not only would the image be printed on sub-par materials with short life inks that will probably NOT be the colors they actually wore that day, the image also wouldn’t fit a canvas very well. The white lines below show the amount of the portrait that would wrap around the edges of that 20×30″ Canvas. Notice how the bow in her daughter’s hair would be cut from the portrait. This is not a desirable outcome.

do not do a canvas by yourself

With some technical work in Photoshop, the portrait was adjusted to provide extra space above the daughters head and I allowed for space to wrap around the edges of the Canvas that would not affect the look of the original portrait. I do this all the time. I think of every final product as if it were my own and what I would want as a customer, as a woman, and as a mom. That bow was important. And it was included in the adjustment as seen in this next image.

why you should use a professional photographer for canvasOur sweet little 6 month old Beautiful Baby Plan baby brought his whole family for his session. I love including family portraits during their first year. We also captured him with his siblings, and a few fun images just for Christmas Cards. I have truly enjoyed watching this family grow over the years. Even before this little guy was present, there was love for enough for him. It makes me feel happy to my core to watch a family grow and add more adorable children to the mix.

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This little guy also held the honor of being the first session at our NEW Wilmington Studio location!! YES!! We are now booking sessions at both of our studios and we’d love to work with you too! Our Wilmington Studio focuses on Maternity and Newborn photography. Please book your Newborn Session during your pregnancy.

Call us anytime: 910-874-0058 or email

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If you’d love a chance to capture your own Family Portrait with a short session and discounted pricing, then you should sign up for one of our Fall Mini Sessions on October 25th, this coming Saturday!!! There are a few openings left!

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