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The Photographer in me knows the answer to this next question is deeper than it seems.

Were we ever really here?

We create Newborn Portraits of newborns from Fayetteville to Wilmington and Loris to Jacksonville. They were here.

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Recently I was watching a television program about proving history. They posed the question of whether or not Orville and Wilbur Wright, fellow North Carolinians,  were really “first in flight.” Gasp! It seems that another fellow, Whitehead, in Kansas, also had an obsession with the quest to fly and had developed his version of the first airplane and had LIKELY taken flight two years earlier. The problem with this story is that there are no photographs proving that Whitehead did take flight first.

That seems almost crazy in 2014. We are moms with a cell phone camera in our purse at all times. We take digital photos of everything that happens in our kid’s lives. Birthdays, first days of school, the first lost tooth, and the first child holding the second new child. There is nothing left undocumented. HOW could no one have taken a single photograph of some dude taking the first ever flight?

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You already know the answer to that question. It was a long time ago, 1901 to be exact. They didn’t have cell phone cameras in their pockets. And someone didn’t advertise well before his event to make sure that someone from the press was there WITH a camera.

Did you know that the current generation has been dubbed the most documented generation on earth?

And also the least preserved?

Today’s kids have more moments in digital form somewhere or another than any other generation of kids ever. Just pull out your smart phone and see how much space your photos have filled on your phone. It’s highly likely that there are more of those photos on your phone than in print. Right? Do you have a few hundred on your phone? Are they in a physical, view-with-the-power-off form somewhere? Probably not.


Will someone 50 or 100 years from now be asking if we, or they, were ever really here?

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How do you plan on viewing these few hundred or thousand images 5 to 10 years from now? On CD? On your computer? Do you still listen to music recorded on CDs you purchased 10 to 15 years ago? Do you still own a computer that is 5 to 10 years old? Exactly. I rest my case; my case against why you shouldn’t ONLY ‘have’ all the best portraits of your children on a disk or hard drive or cloud somewhere. 99 blurred images from your kids first basketball game are not wroth printing. Pick one. Pick one good one. Print that one.

The thought of this concerns me. Because I believe in what I do. I believe that it is a valuable necessity in our here today and gone tomorrow, disposable kind of world. Pixels are cheap, easily lost, and hold little value until they are lost when we had wanted to keep them. Pixels are not what I sell. I sell heart felt emotion, creatively captured in a way no cell phone can. I see what no camera can see, and record what no mind will easily remember. I practice what I preach. I print what I love and I enjoy it daily in my home, on the walls. And I want to do that for you too. I want to capture the most important milestones of your child’s life.  So that you can re-live them over and over and over. Beautiful photography only grows more valuable with time.

Listen, Facebook and Instagram are great. I know you want your friends and acquaintances, and enemies to see how beautiful your kids are and how wonderful your life is today. But honestly, they don’t care. It’s in their newsfeed today and gone tomorrow. But what you make #worthaspotonthewall will be yours to enjoy and treasure for a lifetime. Forget art for arts sake. Make your family, your heart work, your art work. These things matter. These things are worth your tears, your trials, and your joy. Make them permanent fixtures on your wall where they can bring you that joy every time you walk past them.

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Please, I beg you, not to settle for a disk of images that you’ll one day take to Walmart and print in the cheapest most worthless way possible. You’re family is better than that. Your life memories are better than that. Please, for heaven sakes, choose PRINTS over digital. You won’t be able to change your mind later. As evident by the 11×14 print hanging in my house of my first son. It was taken by a film camera and printed cheaply at a SAMs Club. And it now has yellow streaks in it. Because that was a cheap, poor quality product. I didn’t have a relationship with a professional quality lab at that time. And it’s going to take some digging to find that tiny little piece of film to reprint it again. Much like your disk will become lost and scratched and gone before you’ll do anything great that you’d planned to do just to ‘save money.’

If you’re going to hire a professional, please expect a professional quality product at the end. Digital files are great for Facebook sharing, but they are NOT archival. You better print anything and everything you’d like to keep forever. By gosh, why not enjoy them now, tomorrow, and later? Show your kids you were there, and so were they. Let, and ask, the professional do the job they should be doing. The professional that creates a high quality image should provide it as a quality printed product. Period. They should be educating you on how to preserve your life’s most beautifully captured memories. A CD is not preservation.


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Vanessa G. Photography is owned and operated by one of the few Certified Professional Photographer’s in NC, Vanessa German, who specializes in Newborn Photography and Contemporary Senior Portraits. Vanessa G. Photography was chosen as the 2012 Outstanding Small Business by the Elizabethtown/White Lake Chamber of Commerce and voted Best Photographer in our area four times. When you choose Vanessa G. Photography as your Newborn or Senior Portrait or Family Photographer, you can be sure you’re getting the best of everything. Your experience will be exceptional, our customer service will be top notch, and our quality and artistry is one of kind. We provide a customized experience chosen by only the most decisive of parents who are not willing to settle for ‘good enough’ for this momentous time in their lives.

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