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We’ve seen quite a few Mama’s for Maternity Portraits lately. I love learning about what they have planned for the nursery and when the next baby shower is happening. Pregnancy is such a joyous time. At least it is when you’re not sick, or very uncomfortable, or swollen. It really may not be a joyous time every day and all day, but I think most moms will tell you that over time you start to forget the parts that were bad and just remember the parts that were good, and joyous.

Like the first time you felt your baby move.

Like the first time Daddy felt his baby move.

Like writing the list of names as you try to imagine what he or she will look like.

Like seeing your baby move on the ultrasound and hearing their heartbeat for the first time.

Like laughing about the experience with the other women in your life.

Like feeling a little fat, and actually being happy about it.

Like feeling connected to a person you’ve never met.

Like looking in the mirror and referring to yourself as a ‘mom.’

There so much to like about it. If you get to do it at least once, then count your blessings. Pregnancy is an experience like no other on this Earth or in your life.

It’s a time worth capturing beautifully to help you remember the joys.


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Maternity Portraits

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Vanessa G. Photography always has the goal of turning your most precious memories in life into art works for you to cherish on display in your home for a lifetime. We never want you to forget the milestones in life. Those happy times that define you, that changed you, and molded you into the person you are destined to become. We serve clients form Fort Bragg and Fayetteville, NC to Wilmington, NC and the coast. We operate by appointment only so that we can dedicate 100% of our time to you, making you our most important person, when you are in our studio. Our client’s have made us thankful to have been able to create photography treasures for their families, and their words have touched our heart. We’d love to do the same thing for you, and earn your words of praise by making sure you enjoy every aspect of your experience with us.

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