Featured Business | Tiny Dreamers Consulting

Featured Business | Tiny Dreamers Consulting

Recently I met with Lauren Dempster of Tiny Dreamers Consulting. Moms, if you’re expecting you need to add her to your contacts right now. If you already have little ones, and they’re not sleeping through the night, she is your perfect solution. Sure there are books on the subject, but there is nothing like a hands on miracle worker who can customize a plan based on your personal needs. From my personal hands on experience working with well over 400 newborns I can attest to the fact that they are all different. Babies are tiny people with individual needs and preferences. There is never a once size fits all solution and I apply different techniques for every baby I work with in the studio.

I never knew such talented people existed until I met Lauren who is a Certified Sleep Sense ™ Consultant working with moms in the Fayetteville area and all over NC. She is passionate about helping other moms achieve the allusive restful and sleep FULL nights they all need and deserve. She’s been in those shoes where she suffered through months of little sleep with her own baby and then sought the help of a sleep consultant. With rave reviews about the service she knew this was her calling and something all moms deserve to experience and she can’t wait to help YOU achieve the same.

If your child is:

– struggling to sleep through the night
– having difficulty falling asleep at bedtime
– only able to sleep in your bed
– waking often during the night
– not napping well during the day

… or has any other common sleep challenges, you qualify to receive a FREE 15-minute sleep consultation with Lauren!

Simply text  “Sleep Help” to 910-723-0442 and she’ll text you back to set up a time to talk! Tiny Dreamers Consulting to the rescue!!

Website: http://www.tinydreamersconsulting.com 

Phone: 910-723-0442

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TinyDreamersConsulting/

headshots fayetteville nc

Lauren, sleep consultant extraordinaire, is also expecting her 2nd bundle of joy in the next few months!

fayetteville maternity portraits

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