Fennel for Colic | Newborn Photographer Tips

Fennel for Colic | Newborn Photographer Tips

Colic is a word that strikes fear in the heart of every new mother. Today I’m going to share some newborn photographer tips to help relieve it. As if figuring out how to care for a new baby isn’t challenging enough, the last thing you want is a true digestive issue to battle. After having had a colicy baby of my own and having worked with hundreds of newborn, I’ve learned a few things that can help. First of all, colic is not the typical routine ‘fussy hour’ late in the evening. That is normal. Colic is continued bouts of unexplained crying from your baby. Often these periods last more than an hour and sometimes much longer and happen several times a day and can feel like they just never end. When the pediatrician can’t explain the crying, they call it ‘colic.’ You should know that many babies, even those born at full term, have an immature digestive system. This can make them more sensitive to the things they are eating. While breast milk is the best food source you can provide, it still can cause colic just like formula. What you eat does pass through your milk in some ways. And even if you’re on a perfect diet, your baby’s digestive system might still be having issues doing it’s job.

Then what? After you’ve scoured Google for ideas that include different types of bottles, specialty formulas, and little additives like Gripe Water, you might still find that the colic is reluctant to go away. Recently, I learned of a new of a new natural treatment with fennel. Mom’s are saying it works like magic. It’s incredibly simple. Fennel is a flowering herb in the carrot family. The bulb of the plant is used in many fine culinary dishes. The seeds can be steeped to make a tea. It is the seeds that are recommended for colic. You can find a few sample recipes HERE. Give it a try! Let us know if it’s working for your baby.

For the nursing mama to drink –

1 teaspoons whole fennel seeds to 8 ounces of boiling water.

Cover and steep for 30 minutes. Or crush the seeds and steep for only 10 to 15 minutes.

Drink 1 cup, 3 times a day.

For the baby – 

1 to 2 droppers full (1/2 to 1 teaspoon), 3 times a day.

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