Something Old, Something New | Photographer Fayetteville NC

Something Old, Something New | Photographer Fayetteville NC

Newborn Sessions include all the props and accessories needed to create the unique and timeless looks you see on our website and Facebook page. Sometimes families bring items they want to incorporate. While nothing extra is ever needed, we do recommend that you choose carefully to ensure the accessory doesn’t distract from the baby. Large stuffed animals, cartoon character outfits, and movie themed items make the image about the ‘stuff’ and less about the ‘new baby.’ In 20 years you might look back and wonder why on earth any of that stuff was important to you. This is why we love heirloom items. They have a history and a story to tell and they add a legacy to the portraits. Below are examples of a wonderful use of heirloom items from one of our sessions.

The baby bonnet, with intricate detail, was hand made as a gift for her Grandmother as a newborn. The craftsmanship is stunning. It has been stored carefully for many decades. We were able to pull together other existing accessories from our prop closet to coordinate beautifully. What a treasure to have a multigenerational piece documented at such a precious time of life. We also included a newly crafted pair of booties. These were made especially for her by a close family friend. These two items gave our Newborn Session something old, and something new, to add interest and uniqueness to her session. Every time these portraits are shared the stories will be told about the heirloom pieces that were included and why they mean so much to this family.

We hope this inspires you to include meaningful things in all of your future portrait sessions!

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photographer fayetteville nc


Vanessa G. Photography always has the goal of turning your most precious memories in life into art works for you to cherish on display in your home for a lifetime. We never want you to forget the milestones in life, and those times that made you glad you decided to have a family. Our Portrait Process makes the experience easy from start to finish. We serve clients form Fort Bragg and Fayetteville, NC to Wilmington, NC and the coast. We operate by appointment only so that we can dedicate 100% of our time to you, making you our most important person when you are in our studio.  We’d love earn your words of praise by making sure you enjoy every aspect of your experience with us. If you are in need of a newborn photographers near Fayetteville NC, or a newborn photographer in Wilmington, or anywhere in between from Elizabethtown to Clinton and Wallace, we are the only Certified Professional Photographer in your area specializing in newborn photography. Photographer Fayetteville NC.

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