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What kind of people choose Vanessa G. Photography to provide Professional Photography services? How much money do you have to have? What color do you have to be? What kind of car do you have to drive? How close do you have to live? What friends do you have to have to get an appointment? Which neighborhood do you have to live in? Who do you have to friend on Facebook to see our work? Can you believe what people say about us? All of it? Any of it?

Maybe it’s time you get the information and find out for yourself.

 The Happiest Boy : At his 4th Session with VGP

You might have heard we are “expensive.” Well, we aren’t cheap. Nothing about us is cheap. Not our work, our products, or our time. Just like any other producer of a high end product, we invest a LOT of time in every session. We use top of the line very, very expensive equipment to capture each image. We hand edit each individual image, for the best magazine quality result. We print using professional labs and quality materials. It costs us a lot to produce our work. We don’t do it for free or for minimum wage. We put a price on the hours of work and time away from our families.

Here’s a shocker: the paper your printed portrait will be on didn’t cost us that much. But you already knew that, right? You’re not buying the paper or the canvas. You’re buying the artist vision, creativity, professional quality work from a Certified Professional in their industry, and the hours and equipment it takes to produce it, and yes, the paper. You know when you go to a restaurant that you could have made that meal cheaper at home, but it wouldn’t taste as good or be served table side with no washing dishes required. When you buy a new outfit you know there’s a mark up from a whole sale cost, but you couldn’t have purchased the material and sewn it yourself. You might splurge for that cup of Starbucks coffee, but you know it’s a luxury item and you could have gone with the cheaper version at home, but that’s not as fun or convenient.

Recent Beautiful Baby Plan Graduate (with family heirlooms)

We don’t think we’re pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes here. You know very well that there is a Portrait Innovations in most towns. You surely have a few Facebook friends with photography pages. You can purchase all the same equipment we use at the studio. Here’s the camera we’ll be purchasing this year, but only because the one we have now, the Nikon D3s, will soon reach a seriously high number of clicks and it is ready to retire to the ‘back up equipment’ shelf with the one I purchased a few years ago. You can get a disk of images pretty cheap from a newbie weekend photographer and print them all for a dollar or so each at your local pharmacy or convenient store.

So WHY would anyone come to us when they know all THAT? Here are the top three reasons:

1 – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people can see a big difference. Some can’t.

2 – They value what we do as professionals. One great job is better than several mediocre ones.

3 – Everyone decides how to spend their money. They think we’re worth it.

Some value a new purse, manicure, wreath, couch, beach house, or a daily Starbucks coffee. Some value high quality Professional Photography that they want to display in their homes for the next 60+ years. Family isn’t their Facebook accessory, it’s what they work and live to love and enjoy. What things do you hold most valuable? Some don’t need all the ‘stuff’ and invest in what is truly priceless.

 Carolina Born and Raised

You might think that all our clients are high earning clientele since you know we aren’t your cheapest option for photography. But that’s far from reality. We service clients from every earning level, every race and cultural heritage, and from all over southeastern NC. Quiet literally, in the same day, we’ve had a client arrive by way of free public transportation and also one driving a great distance signed as a current contracted tv celebrity. We do not reveal the names of either and we do not treat them any differently. Our clients range from blue color to white color; from trailer park proud to million dollar mansion; from arriving in public transportation to flying into town in a personal helicopter. Our portfolio includes all kinds of Americans and even a few foreigners. Caucasian, African, Asian, Native, and Latin American families have all shared their cultures and uniqueness with us. What they ALL have in common is that they VALUE what we do and how we do it.

Quality photography only grows in value over time. It’s how you know it was worth it. Think of one thing you splurged on in the last year. Just one. Is it more valuable now? Would you go back and get the cheaper version? Will it wear out and need to be replaced in the next 10 years?

We’ve gotten some criticism over the years for portraying ourselves as being “better than anyone else.” And by “else” they mean “other photographers.” Not once have we EVER said those words. We are constantly trying to one up OURSELVES, our reply to that opinion is this: If WE don’t think were doing a fabulous, worth-every-penny, best option for our potential client job…then it’s not realistic for us to expect anyone else to think that. You better believe in what you do, what you sell, and the way you sell it. We do. And we sleep pretty good at night.

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Vanessa G. Photography is a studio, by appointment only, where anyone can purchase quality Professional Photography by a true Certified Professional Photographer. Period.

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