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Size matters. There. I said it.

When choosing wall portraits for your home, you need to think about the space you’re trying to fill. A good rule of thumb is to fill at least 50% of the width of the space. Also, when you put faces on the wall, a portrait of a person, you need the face to be at LEAST the size of your open hand to be viewed, with any kind of justice, across the distance of a typical room. By typical I mean, 9-12′. If you have an “open floor plan” and substantially larger room size, then you need to go even BIGGER.

Many times in my photography career I’ve heard a client say “I want something big for the wall. Like an 8×10.” And I cringe on the inside. An 8×10 on the wall looks like a postage stamp. I don’t expect you to speak my language. You may have never heard of standard sizes larger than 8×10. And it’s even harder to visualize what things will look like when you get them home on your own walls.

By comparison, no one in their right mind would buy an 8×10″ television to sit across the room for viewing their favorite shows. Why would you let the portraits of people you love most sit in tiny frames across the room never to be enjoyed or viewed on a daily basis? Go BIGGER!!! Like FLAT SCREEN bigger. Get it? If you want to see it across the room, go big-ger.

This is why we make sure you have the opportunity to SEE your OWN IMAGES in a final size before you buy them. No guessing. We can even show you what your images look like on YOUR WALLS to scale. And also why we plan each session with goals and design our color schemes, lighting, props, and posing to FIT that space. The HAREST part of the whole custom photography experience is trying to decide what in the world to do with the images afterwards. We being with the end in mind. That’s our job! The photoshoot is only half way to the goal.

Let’s look at an example of how appropriate size makes a difference.

Beautiful Family Portrait:

Colors chosen to coordinate with the baby’s nursery. Maternity gown provided by Vanessa G. Photography.

fayetteville nc photogrpher

Family Portrait as a framed 8×10:

Far too small. Is not large enough to be clearly viewed across the room. There are 3 people in this image, therefore we must size up to make them each visible.

wilmington nc photographer

 Family Portrait as a framed 20×24:

Perfect size wall portrait! We’ve used 50% of the width of the wall space. Using a smaller matt size would help to downsize it if needed. Faces clearly visible across the room. Space for additional newborn portraits to the right. Note that the newborn images here would need to be of the baby alone to allow for the baby’s face to be larger and more easily viewed from across the room.

maternity portraits fayetteville nc

For reference, I recommend sizes 16×20″ or LARGER on the wall. Anything smaller needs to go on a small 3 foot wide wall, or about the size space of a typical doorway. With an exception of GROUPINGS. If you’re grouping several 11×14’s together, then you’ll be taking up more SPACE and therefore, the display on the wall will be more size appropriate for your viewing pleasure.

Review: Go big, or why bother. Size matters. Fill 50% of the space. Heads the size of hands.

Got it? Good!

More from this lovely Maternity Session shot on a day it was super humid and hot outside:

maternity portraits wilmington nc

maternity portraits clinton nc


Vanessa G. Photography always has the goal of turning your most precious memories in life into art works for you to cherish on display in your home for a lifetime. We never want you to forget the milestones in life. Those happy times that define you, that changed you, and molded you into the person you are destined to become. We serve clients form Fort Bragg and Fayetteville, NC to Wilmington, NC and the coast. We operate by appointment only so that we can dedicate 100% of our time to you, making you our most important person, when you are in our studio. Our client’s have made us thankful to have been able to create photography treasures for their families, and their words have touched our heart. We’d love to do the same thing for you, and earn your words of praise by making sure you enjoy every aspect of your experience with us.

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