About Us


Think back to the most precious memories in your life. Those special times should last forever. A photograph is a window to the past and it captures the emotions of that moment. I want every mother to be able to relive her newborn’s first days and every father to remember holding his baby in his arms. Love is the most precious gift we give one another and it deserves a prominent place in our home, on display, where we can be reminded on the worst of days how happy we were and will be again. Memories are made when we sit and flip through the pages of an heirloom quality album and tell stories to our children about their littlest days. Smiles are found when we look back at moments frozen in time when life seemed simple for a moment. Pixels may come and go and be scrolled past on our newsfeed. Tangible photographs are your legacy, your story. Your story inspires me. In a hundred years, when both you and I are gone, these portraits will remain. Let’s make history together.

Vanessa German, Certified Professional Photographer*

*Fewer than 2,000 Certified Professional Photographers have been designated world wide. Certification requires that you meet a stringent list of requirements demonstrating your knowledge, skills, and professionalism.