Wilmington Newborn Photographer – Fayetteville Newborn Photographer – Studio

Wilmington Newborn Photographer – Fayetteville Newborn Photographer – Studio

We are enjoying being a Wilmington Newborn Photographer in the new studio on Floral Parkway, in addition to having a studio closer to Fayetteville that allows us to be a Fayetteville Newborn Photographer as well. It’s hard to know what people mean when they say they have a “studio.” There are few variations of photography studios these days. Some refer to a dedicated space in their home used for photography, and some refer to their business as a ‘studio’ that operates on-location only without an actual physical location, and others of us operate out of a retail studio location where 100% of the space operates as a place of full time employment for one or more staff members. There are benefits for the the photographer in each case.

While a Home Studio would be much more convenient for me, with less overhead expenses, I know it would also limit what I was able to do creatively and would limit the types of services I could offer simply because I would be working within a much smaller space. Today, as I look outside at the last of the snow falling, I’m reminded of why I chose a retail studio. The weather might be cold, but I can still have sessions in a warm space. It might be raining, but I can still have sessions in a dry place. The humidity may be excruciatingly unbearable, melting makeup and hair spray in just a few minutes, but in the studio I can still create beautiful portraits without nature’s interference and provide a dressing room and a place where hair and makeup can be touched up.

This recent Newborn Session was held in our Wilmington Studio where mom was able to nurse her baby in private and the temperature was carefully controlled to keep her baby comfortable and asleep. Mom and Dad were able to look through our products and portraits on display and we all had space to enjoy each other’s company.

fayetteville newborn photographerAnother benefit of having a retail studio is the ability to offer a wide variety of studio lighting. If your mind just jumped to “old school” thoughts, then you really need to take a look at our Senior Portfolio. Studio lighting can be edgy, and is always always flattering. It is great to be able to control the light I’m working with and not feel limited by the weather and window light, or clouds and sunshine.

The  Newborn Portrait below, also from the Wilmington Studio session, uses only one studio light. If you look closely, it appears there are two lights, one from above and one from below. How did we do that? By understanding how studio strobe lighting works and telling it what we want it to do to highlight and create shadows. “Painting with light” in a sense. Being able to do this opens up a lot of possibilities for photographic art.

wilmington newborn photographer nc

In the end, all photography studios are different. An experienced, educated photographer can produce great images in almost any setting and will be prepared to do so with confidence. Make sure you love their portfolio of images and their individual style, are pleased with their level of customer service and response times, and choose the photographer that you feel understands what you want from the experience and brings more to the table than just a camera.

I also highly recommend working with a photographer that can demonstrate examples of how to decorate with, enjoy, and preserve your images for the future. Because even the Vice President of Google has said that we should be PRINTING and not relying on our digital files to remain safe. Read  more about what he had so say HERE.

wilmington nc newborn photographer  

Dad & Baby Model Search

Our next big project needs a few Dad’s in Uniform with their brand new Newborn baby.

We are looking for DADs with a NEWBORN baby to model a very specific look. Images are being gathered for a PUBLICATION due to be printed later this year. We need DADs to wear their ‘work attire’ representing their career profession. ALL careers accepted.

Ideal candidates will have a pregnant spouse with a Feb/Mar/Apr due date. Sessions will need to take place when baby is 6-12 days old.

Sessions will be free and models will be compensated with free prints or products. Learn more HERE.

dad with newborn

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Visit our website for Session and Investment information!  www.vanessagphotography.com



Vanessa G. Photography always has the goal of turning your most precious memories in life into art works for you to cherish on display in your home for a lifetime. We never want you to forget the milestones in life. Those happy times that define you, that changed you, and molded you into the person you are destined to become. For your convenience, we have two boutique studio locations in Wilmington, NC and Elizabethtown, NC serving clients form Fort Bragg and Fayetteville, NC to Wrightsville Beach and the coast. We operate by appointment only so that we can dedicate 100% of our time to you, making you our most important person, when you in our studio. Our client’s have made us thankful to have been able to create photography treasures for their families, and their words have touched our heart. We’d love to do the same thing for you, and earn your words of praise by making sure you enjoy every aspect of your experience with us.

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